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Pure Feet

$21.95 / 30 Days

Now, it's not everyday that you come across a well layed out, well documented and very horny foot fetish site. Most foot fetish sites claim to know what really turns on their members but there is just so much more to it than wiggling their toes in front of a camera and PureFeet.com have nailed the fetish. With content such as foot jewelry, trampling and crushing and ethnic feet they have a wide variety inside the niche covered for all those with a taste for something different.

The content mass inside is phenomenal. Thankfully, each section is labelled and just incase you didn't get the message there is a rather large thumb next to each category just to make sure. There are over 320 picture sets, roughly 300,000 images! That's a lot of foot content heh! The pictures are all high resolution and are very sexy indeed. With lots of variety as I mentioned above they have taken the niche one step further and catered to all the little microniches inside. Making sure that every foot lover has something to their tastes.

The movie content is just as impressive with over 600 mins of video footage to keep you content you can be sure there is more than enough toe wiggling, high soles and crushing going on. Just for a bonus you can download the three movie dvd titles included in the membership price, this is very unusual for a porn site, most make you pay for the movie dvd regardless if you are a member or not. Download the movies in both Windows Media Player and Quick Time.

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Lady Sonia

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